There is a saying in Cambodia that says men are like gold and women are like white cloth. When gold is dirty, the dirt can be washed away but white cloth once stained, is stained forever. On the contrary, we believe that what women have is unique and precious to us, like gold, and even more precious than that.

A girl's journey to becoming a woman is a special one. Having our period is something all women in the world should be proud of, and never feel embarrassed about. Feminine hygiene, how to deal with menstruation and the use of sanitary pads are information that every girl and woman should have access to. This is what Project Precious aims to do - to  educate as many females in rural communities as possible.

Our Mission

Some women in rural communities of developing countries still practice unhygienic ways of managing their period. Project Precious aims to educate these women on how to manage their period hygienically.

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